Socialist Trax

The Socialist Hour is about music and politics so below are some of our favourite videos. Enjoy. And don't forget to let us know what else we should put on here. If it's political and available somewhere, we'll include it.

John Lennon was the quintessential working class hero. A lad from Liverpool who made good, but never forgot his roots.

Jamiroquai from their debut album Emergency Planet Earth asking a question that all of us should try to answer.

Blackwood's resident agitprop suppliers the Manic Street Preachers reminding you that all we want to do is get drunk.

Feeling revolutionary, feeling just a bit angry, then get some funk from the band who ask whether 'The power is yours'

We keep asking 'what the hell is going on' and we still ain"t got the answer. Marvin's voice is so soulful it is sometimes difficult to focus on the fact that he is singing about injustice and inequality.

London's calling. And battle has begun. Everybody's favourite punks The Clash

Beautifully sung version of a Woodie Guthrie song about the deaths of Mexican deportees. Haunting.

Agit prop from America's best poet, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, it will be live.

Sometimes you just got to sit right down and write a letter. Craft-D did that to everybody's favourite socialist (okay maybe not everybody)

At times we all need a little tubthumping. We get knocked down, but we get up again.