Episode 12 featuring Siobhan Aston and Felicity Dowling

Episode 11 featuring Relish Hendy, Luke Andreski and Karl Smith

Episode 10 featuring Azzy Aslam, Cat Clark and Shippo

Episode 9 featuring Mike Stanton, Jo Buchanan and Robert diBlasio

Episode 8 featuring Glenn Jenkins, KK and Natalie Strecker

Episode 7 featuring Natalie Strecker, Howard Thorpe and Lucette Davies

Episode 6 featuring Lou Eastell, Layla and Matthew Harrison (Soapbox Jury)

Episode 5: featuring Ali Shah, Dave Nellist and Jackie Walker

Episode 4 featuring Penny Owen, Lee Rock and Chris Williamson

Episode 3 featuring Captain Ska

Episode 2 featuring Ann Marcial, Russ Jackson & Brad & Tony from the Dangerous Globe.

Episode 1 featuring Tom Widdicombe & Julie Harrington